Международное межконфессиональное молитвенное «Движение Искателей Бога»

The Penuel Christian Youth Camp is designed for children and teenagers and is organized by “The God Seekers Movement”. The camp is held by local churches and in various countries and cities.

The Penuel Camp has been held annually since 2006. When it first opened, the camp was held in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, and Belarus. More than 1000 young people experienced the presence of God and a touch of the Holy Spirit. It set young men and women on fire for God. Since then, they have made the decision to follow Jesus, to develop a relationship with Him through prayer and the Bible, to worship Him, to hear His voice and to follow His Word. Many participants became fruitful servants in their local churches and chose to support the ministries of their leaders and pastors.

The Penuel Camp aims to draw teenagers close to God and help build a close relationship with Him. This project is a helping hand for local churches in raising young ministers, who seek God with all their heart, grow closer to Him, transform into His image, and spread the Gospel everywhere they go.

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