Международное межконфессиональное молитвенное «Движение Искателей Бога»



БОГ.NEWS is a Christian news service since that was developed in 2014. It spreads the news related to Christianity as well as secular news with a biblical context.


БОГ.NEWS aims to fill the earth with the knowledge of God through mass media covering events inside and outside churches in the context of the Word of God. БОГ.NEWS also informs of the God Seekers Movement to bring the message of a personal relationship with God and the value of the secret room.

БОГ.NEWS is not and never will be a commercial project aimed at financial profit. The core of the project is serving God and people. БОГ.NEWS is among БОГ.MEDIA Christian creative media group’s projects, and exists as a part of the God Seekers Movement, just as the БОГ.MEDIA group itself.

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The team has the following priorities: Holiness, devotion, and objectivity. БОГ.NEWS covers the most interesting Christian events, publishes interviews with credible worldwide ministers, provides video reporting, analytics, and infographics as well.