Международное межконфессиональное молитвенное «Движение Искателей Бога»


  • Modern Christian Television БОГ.TV – app and website
  • Christian News Service БОГ.NEWS – app and website
  • «New Beginning» Church (Portland, USA) – app and website
  • «Word of Life» Church (Armenia) – app
  • Modern Christian Radio БОГ.FM – app and website
  • Sergey Demodovich Ministries – app and website
  • 316 NEWS informational portal – app
  • Catholic Television EWTN (Ukraine) – app
  • Christian Television TBNArmenia – app
  • “World Without Orphans” International Movement – app
  • God Seekers Movement – app


БОГ.APP is a project for developing a unique style, designing, and launching applications. The project was created to help in developing ministry and raising the efficiency of the Modern Church. The project started in 2015


The project aims to help the Body of Christ and spread the Kingdom of God through modern technologies and innovations. The team of developers sees the project as a ministry and a mission, not a business.

БОГ.APP is not and never will be a commercial project aimed at financial profit. The core of the project is serving God and people. БОГ.APP is among БОГ.MEDIA Christian creative media group’s projects, and part of the God Seekers Movement, as the БОГ.MEDIA itself.